After sales services


All customers are invited to benefit from our Customer Technical Assistance.
Our objective is to provide for increasingly better services, quicker responses to domestic and international customers inquiries, and questions; and accurate transfer of customers' needs to manufacturing and production department.

Principal activities of this section are planned and executed under 3 main branches:

Technical Services, prior to Sales:

  • Analysis of customer's order and understanding their true needs.
  • Providing technical information on process and raw material
  • Supplying technical information with regard to all aspect of transaction; such as dimensions, standards, limitations of production and control, packaging, shipment, inspection, and quality certificates
  •  Reviewing the orders, and finalizing purchase orders' specification.
  • Cooperation with sales department on whether the customer's purchase order for a new product is feasible to manufacture? The order is reviewed and studied for possibility of fabrication. Estimated cost is forwarded to sales department for the benefit of the client.

Technical Services, during the Sales:

These services are provided to the customer up on customer's request, or on the suggestion of sales department, and or department of Technical services. These services include:

  • Controlling order's constraints
  • Analysis of suitability of the control implemented throughout the production
  • Analysis of the product and its application to suggest optimized usage for the product or modification of the purchase order specifications, with regard to the application planed for
  • Processing customers' complaints with respect to the products' technical or quality deficiencies in practice
  • Conveying  technical deficiencies to the manufacturing department, and if necessary initiate modifications to attain specified standards as per order



Technical Services, after the Sales:

  • Periodic visit of the production lines to supervise that the quality of the product being made, corresponds to the order
  • Provide technical assistance to customers for optimize usage of products
  • Investigating customers technical claims
  • Taking back quality deficient products,  implementation of  rectifying and or preventive procedures
  • Counseling customers of the availability of new products and suggesting sensible ways to replace raw material and use new products
  • Preparing  products' technical information booklets and leaflets
  • Assessing  and evaluating the degree of customers approval and satisfaction based on the quality of products