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Oil field equipement

Ferdous petroahan Co. (petroferro) is able to supply a wide range of oil field equipement such as: down hole equipments, well heads, centrifugal pumps, drilling bits, as well as the OCTG. 


Pressure vessels

Ferdous Petro Ahan Co. (petroferro) is able to supply a range of pressure vessels to suit the custom needs of its clients. From oil and gas processing and production equipment to accumulators, to scrubbers, to any need for a pressure containment envelope meeting or exceeding ASME Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII Div 1 and Div 2 requirements, Ferdous Petro Ahan Co. (petroferro) stands ready to assist in the design and manufacture of your vessel needs. From sizes as small as 2 inches outside diameter to as large as 15 feet outside diameter, from 8 pounds to as large as 640,000 lbs. Ferdous Petro Ahan Co. (petroferro) has the capability, knowledge, and experience to provide the correct vessel for your needs.

Slug catcher

Natural gas pipelines often contain significant amounts of liquids that can interfere with the proper operation of the pipeline and related equipment such as compressors, regulators, filters, meters and valves. The liquids normally found include hydrocarbon condensations, lubrication oils, produced water, and chemicals used in production, treatment, compression or dehydration of the gas. The liquid to gas ratio in gas production pipelines can be as high as 100 Bbls/MMSCF of gas. When gas and liquid flows in hilly terrain, the liquids tend to accumulate in the low spots or valleys of the pipeline. A slug catcher is designed to allow expansion of gas stream to slow velocity and provide a settling area for and retention of liquids carried with the produced gas flow. They must have sufficient volume to contain the liquid and allow passage of gas flow without re-entrainment of the liquid in the out flowing stream. Petroferro has the experience to adequately size and match the performance needs of slug removal equipment.