Quality Control

An important goal of Ferdous Petro Ahan Co. (petroferro) is to support the development of pipeline and oil & gas trading that can be readily assessed in terms of quality and completeness. It is good practice to implement quality control procedures in the development of trading to accomplish this goal.
Quality Control Department , by means of employing educated , highly qualified , and skilled personnel in concert with essential and necessary instructions , keep under control all raw material and final products.
Ferdous Petro Ahan Co. (petroferro) utilizes Standardized Operating Procedures in its three-step process defined as follows:

1. Inspection
Once verification of customer specifications and work scope are completed, Ferdous Petroahan's inspection process ensures compliance from when raw material is produced, during liner manufacturing, upon shipping. Complete inspection records are maintained for all quality control documents outlined in the process.
All the inspection and test are in accordance the procedures set by the standards.

2. Tracking and Reporting
The system allows Ferdous petro Ahan Co. (petroferro) to provide up to the minute real time tracking of each and every joint at its facilities by customer or job, in a format that is summarized and useful to the customer.The company’s reporting system is comprehensive; it covers receipts, manufacturing application status, and shipments.
In addition, Ferdous Petro Ahan Co. (petroferro) has the capability to incorporate and add custom reports as required by the customer.

3. Tracing
Ferdous Petro Ahan Co. (petroferro) has the capability to trace each joint shipped to specific project locations with information provided by its customers. Ferdous Petro Ahan Co. (petroferro), using its engineering capability can monitor field performance, in all raw material mills and pipe mills, to optimize and report on well production regarding the applied technology.