Ferdous petro Ahan Co. (petroferro) offers a wide range of choices, enabling our customers to determine the most effective slot arrangement for them and our highly skilled partner technicians cut precision slots radial to the center of the pipe.
Slots are available in widths .030" to .125" in pipe sizes, 4.500" to 10.750" OD.
This type of slotted pipe is available in sizes ranging from 2 3/8" through 20" OD.
» Casing
Available in buttress threaded and coupled (B.T.C), Big Omega, RLS – 4
» Tubing:
Available in plain end, NUE (non-upset ends) and EUE (external upset ends)
» Drill Pipes:
Available in plain end, EU (external upset), IU (internal upset) and IEU (internal & external upset)