Steel Goods

Ferdous Petro Ahan Co is cooperating with pipe mills and section mills as a supplier of raw material mainly flat rolled or plates. Using experience and a strict supply sourcing policy has enabled us to nominate and choose some of the most professional steel plant mills all around the world as the main manufacturers of steel products.

We are able to supply all kind and type of steel products that are used in the Oil and Gas industry as well as construction industry. We have categorized the supply of Steel due to its vast and variety application into 3 separate types:

1.       Flat Products.

2.       Long products.

3.       Requirements offshore structure.

All types of steel requirements are manufactured in accordance with the latest revision of nominated standards such as API, ASTM, DIN, EN, JIS, BS.

Our exclusive supply portfolio for the steel section covers not any pipe mills but supply of steel or storage tank fabrications, offshore tack up and structural steels, all type of space structures and frames, raw materials and even minerals such as iron ore.

Flat products

Carbon steel hot rolled or cold rolled coils, galvanised coils or sheets, carbon steel hot rolled plates in accordance with API, ASTM, ANSI, Din. The materials are used for a variety of applications such as shipbuilding, circular or hemispherical storage tanks, welded pipe making.  

Long products

We can provide the row material necessary for finished steel products, i.e. bar mill, D-bar manufactures. All types and sizes of billets and slabs can be supplied from steel mills in accordance with recognizably international standards. In addition to that Carbon Steel H/I beam, D-bars and wire roads, all can be supplied as well.


Offshore fabrication

At Ferdous Petro Ahan we have the specialty to provide from well-known steel mills the high yield steel used for offshore fabrication, pressure vessels and boiler manufacture, storage tank fabrication, civil engineering and constructions, shipbuilding, bridge building and general engineering.